Lance Schuermann is the co-founder and owner of the St. Louis Naturals baseball club in St. Louis, MO.

Playing career:

  • Oakville High School 1985-88
  • Meramec C.C. 1988-90
  • Universtiy of Nevada, Las Vegas 1991
  • Texas Rangers 1991-1996 Drafted in the 11th round of the Amateur Baseball Draft

Coaching Career:

  • Private instructor Since 1991
  • Asst. Coach Meramec C.C. 2001-2004
  • Head coach of the St. Louis Naturals since 2011

Lance has helped many young men achieve their goals in baseball. Whether it performing at the youth level, high school level, collegiate and pro levels. He has formed relationships with countless coaches, schools, organizations to help these young men achieve these goals. As the co-founder and owner of the St. Louis Naturals, he expects his players to not only become the best players they can become but also good young men on and off the field and in the classroom.

Hundreds of young men have moved on to every level of collegiate baseball and the professional ranks under his coaching and mentoring. You can reach Lance at or 314-803-3371.