I have coached both boys and girls in basketball and baseball for over fifteen years. My wife will tell you while this is not my vocation, it is certainly my avocation. My playing career ended due to arm issues in high school which commenced my golfing career; when God gives you lemons, make lemonade! Correct, I was a far better golfer than baseball player, but baseball was my first love no doubt. My background in coaching and athletics lends for a blended approach of both physical and mental control and awareness. My motto in coaching is “Respect the Athlete”.

This team, while being one of the premier teams at its age, has far more upside than most. I’m excited at the prospect of these players and what they might accomplish over the next few seasons. Many will be D1 & D2 recruits, which I look forward to helping them successfully navigate.

I have three kids; Brendan who is 23 and Kate who is 20; playing golf at Regis Univ. Our youngest (Justin-16) plays on the team. Outside of coaching, after keeping my lovely wife (Tracy) happy, I enjoy hunting, fishing, golf and currently training for a couple marathons in 2019.