Welcome to the Naturals recruiting center which is designed to provide a service that not only benefits our current high school athletes, but makes recruiting easier for all colleges and scouts. 
In the recruiting center you will find all the Naturals players categorized by graduation year and grouped with their respective team. Each players profile has pertinent information for recruiting and has provided video when applicable. We thank you for visiting the site and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
NamePositionHigh School
Chambers, NickRHP, C, 3BGibault Catholic
Clancy, RileyOFSt. John Vianney
DeBella, TylerC, 1BNorthwest
Keuss, JustinOF, 1B, LHPDe Smet Jesuit
Kinworthy, GavinRHP, OF, 3BWindsor
Lenz, DrewRHPRochester
Lenzen, DrewSSNorthwest
Neuweg, GriffinRHP, 3B, 1BRochester
Scharf, Aidan1B, 2B, 3B, OFParkway South
Stockmann, KyleRHP, 3B, 2BDe Smet Jesuit
NamePositionHigh School
Ammons, ChrisOF, RHPLindbergh
Blackwell, NickC, OF, RHPSt. John Vianney
Cole, Drake3B, RHP, 1B, OFSeckman
Greil, LiamC, 3B, OFNorthwest
Fisher, NickC, OFMetro Academic
Howell, Coooper3B, SS, CF, RHPDe Smet Jesuit
Johnson, GavinCF, RHP, SSSeckman
Larson, MichaelRHP, 3BO’Fallon Township
Marino, Dominic2B, RHP, 3BLindbergh
Mitchell, Sean1B, RHPAlton-Marquette Catholic
McGuirk, JackC, 2B, 3BRockwood Summit
Mueller, LoganRHP, SSColumbia
Myers, MathiasOF, RHPSeckman
Potteiger, JackLHP, 1BRockwood Summit
Robinson, Eli1B, 3BLindbergh
Sanborn, HaydenRHP, OFSt. John Vianney
Smith, EthanLHP, OFLindbergh
NamePositionHigh School
Becker, WillC, 3B, UTSeckman
Lewis, Jake3B, SS, RHPOakville
Walters, LukeRHP, OF, 1BDe Smet Jesuit